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Solace Daiwa Massage Chair

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Seek solace in great design. The Daiwa Solace massage chair offers whole-body wellness based on advanced engineering. The Solace delivers a professional massage, and has advanced features like heat, and zero-gravity positioning. Get a break from stress, treat chronic pain, and revive while lounging in a chair that takes up little space and looks great.

Advanced Features

  • 42 Airbag Full Body Massage: Built into the chair are 42 Airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session.
  • Extended Reach L-shaped Massage Track: The Daiwa Solace features an extra-long, L-Shaped Massage Track that runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings.
  • Automatic leg extension: The leg unit automatically extends out up to 5.5 inches for taller people.
  • Surround Sound Speaker: High-quality compact speakers are mounted at your ears for a surround sound experience. Connect wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth device to experience the benefits of music therapy.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Get a deep tissue massage with our advanced roller system. Our rollers have been engineered to therapeutically touch every contour of your back.
  • Zero Gravity Experience: The Zero Gravity Recline shifts the recline angle, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure on joints and organs. 
  • Smartphone and Tablet + Charging Station: The Solace Smart Massage Chair App connects wirelessly to your chair using Bluetooth.
  • Bonus Chair & Foot Pads: The 3/4-inch-thick soft chair pad allows you to enjoy the chair as a recliner without any massage treatment
  • Adjustable Shoulder Pad: With a simple adjustment, the massaging shoulder pads can accommodate larger arms and shoulders for maximum effect.
  • High-end saffiano PU leather: The saffiano style was developed by luxury handbag makers to give the leather surface a crosshatched texture that is stylish, durable, and easy to keep clean

Advanced Remote

  • Our tapping feature is specially engineered to get rid of persistent pain. This technique stimulates blood circulation and can be invigorating to most people, but may be too intense for some. Unlike other massage chairs, you have the option to keep the tapping ON or OFF. This feature can be used anytime during an auto-program. 
  • Multi-language hand-held remote. Choose from 18 auto programs or 7 customizable manual programs with the easy-to-operate handheld remote. A convenient pocket keeps your controller secure and in reach.
  • Seamless Transition Among Program Options: This feature makes the switch between massage programs smooth and seamless. It eliminates interruptions while navigating program options, and prevents short-circuit or overheating damage.