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Halogen Heater Fan

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  • Product: Electric Stove
  • Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 800W
  • Advantages of Halogen Heaters
  • Energy saving – halogen heaters provide heat almost instantly and the radiant heat released by the heaters effectively heats a small area, and this greatly reduces the amount of energy the heaters consume.
  • Environmentally friendly – halogen lamps do not release smoke so there are no carbon monoxide emissions released from the heaters.
  • Safety –the halogen lamps themselves do not actually heat up so they are considered safe in most environments.
  • Easy installation – many halogen heaters are easier to install than many alternate heating methods.
  • Halogen heaters are heaters that incorporate the halogen element within their heating lamp and bulb. However the confusion arises because the halogen in the halogen lamps are not the actual heating element.